Baryn Futa is an appreciator

Baryn Futa is an appreciator of the arts and he puts his time, effort, and money where his mouth is. He has been able to contribute to the arts as a supporter, funder, and collector of fine contemporary art. Baryn Futa recognizes that if someone needs to support the arts, he needs to be the one leading by example. He has been happy to invest in the arts, especially in contemporary art, which has captured his imagination. Baryn Futa has shown a particular interest in time based media (video art).

Baryn Futa has been supporting the arts since he retired. He began by participating in the Denver Art Museum. He is still involved in the Denver Art Museum as a member and also sits on the Collection Committee. He next delved into the history of art and the various styles and famous artists in order to learn as much about the subject as he possibly could, even traveling to all sorts of museums all over the United States, and abroad, in order to take in more art.

Baryn Futa supports dozens of contemporary artists of note. He is also a member of more than a dozen museums all across the United States, ranging from the Guggenheim and the Frick Collection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Jewish Museum.

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